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Decorating exhibitions from Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Lyon are a source of inspiration for Josette Stocco who visits them regularily. The makers and designers "rivalise" in ingeniosity constantly.

Mai 2013

Tiles, paint, wallpapeer, wall coverings, parquet flooring and material, show a desire for novelty. Floors and walls are covered with ceramic tiles, terracota, mosaic and glass ...

The parquet flooring associated with terracota or travertine an be found in various colours and brighten up the floor space.
Rugs and carpets create an effect (wool, wool and silk, cotton) in natural or bright colours.
Wall covering or wallpaper can be found in various textures and designs (damask, geomtric forms, smooth metalised, ecthnic decors) also moives in relief for new atmospheres (laquered panels, copper leaf and glass)

Mai 2013

A wide choice of up to date colours farrow and ball... (more...)